Meet Shenell 

Hello! I am a professional organizer in the Saint Louis, MO area and the founder of Sorting Situations. I have an amazing eye for detail and a huge heart for helping others. I have had a natural passion for organizing since I was a child and I bring an authentic, warm, judgement free open heart and mind to each clients space. I am a mother and use my maternal insight with me in all life experiences. My background in healthcare and project management has equipped me with life skills that I bring to each clients space. I am a passionate, empathetic person that enjoys servicing my community and I pride myself in bettering every life I come in contact with through organizing.

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My mission is to provide a practical and sustainable organizing experience that transforms your home or office into a manageable welcoming space. My goal is to take the stress out of organizing so that you can focus on what matters most. 


My vision is to assist and equip my clients with the strategies and skills needed to live a stress free organized life.